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30 Maret 2010

More picture!!

After sometime thinking..... finally I decided to buy tablet!! Oohh.... I bought the 'genius' brand. I was amazed at how the tablet is working. XD Though, of course I need sometime to adapt to it.

So, I immidiatelly use it to colour this pic from my friend Regina.
I managed to copy the image, and colour it in less time I usually need with my mouse! Amazing!

Now, I'll need to improve my skill in photoshop, before I could make more better pics XD

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13 Maret 2010

Ambulance driver

An extraordinary expirience happened today. At least for me. Perhaps, my friends somewhere else have ever have the same or even more exiting expirience, when they were doing their duty in a remote area. But for me, who lives in a big city, this expirience is very rare!!

I drove an ambulance!! A freakin Ambulance!! With soaring sirine, and a patient at the back.

I must say, I've always respect those ambulance driver, because the 'tension' for not loosing any time, yet need to be carefully driving. But this time, I respect them more.

Due to an event, I need to drive the ambulance myself, or the patient must face a more terrible future. I can drive a car of course, but driving an ambulance is different.

First thing.... I don't know how to turn on the sirine!! ^^; then after several ruckus here and there, the sirene was on. I drove fast, and blow the horn here and there, to shoo people who drove in front of me. I must say, I  quite enjoyed that (driving people away XD). I even keep moving eventhough the traffic light turn red. Hey!! Whenelse can I do that? XD

But on the other hand, my heart beat fast, cause... well.. I hope my patient didn't go to worse condition due to my driving


Ah.... a little unforgetable experience in my career. ^^


24 Februari 2010

Ficcie attempts

I've been a fanfiction reader for as long as I became anime/manga fans. So perhaps..... 10 years!! All that time, I've became a good reader, giving reviews for the story I like, and lurk here and there. Basically, I read fanfiction to have something more, more than the manga have provide to us. That's why, I choose the fic that has similar plot with the original manga.

So.... After lurking and reading countless of fanfictions, I finally have the courage to actually write one XD

Strawhat Theater: Marchen Time

And since I'm currently obsessed with One Piece, I decided to make one. This is a remake of one of the creator's extras: Marchen Time. Basically, a parodi of famous fairy tales, but with OP charas. XD A very funny extra. My favourite.

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14 Januari 2010

Sushi wo tabetai desu!!

Yes, for quite sometime now, I grew fond of sushi. I don’t know, perhaps this is just the side effect of being an anime freak, but nowadays, I find it hard to resist my urge to eat sushi. But of course, since the price is quite expensive, I already considered lucky to be able to eat it once a month.

As far as my knowledge go, Sushi has different kind of shape and name. Of course it also has different toppings. My favourite shape is ‘nigiri’ or litterally meant ‘balled rice’, and ‘maki’ or could be translated as ‘rolled with bamboo roller’. I’m not quite fond of nori, thus I prefer nigiri over maki. And I know from a magazine, that we have to eat this type of sushi in one gulp. Because that’s the way to sent our gratitude to the cheff. Funny isn’t it?? And sushi cheff is an honourable job in Japan too. ^^ So remember to eat it in one gulp, or you will be concidered rude, when you eat sushi in Japan.

Now, I noticed that different sushi shop can make different sushi taste, eventhough they use the same ingridients. E.g. my favourite menu of all time: Salmon Nigiri. Of course it only consist of sliced raw salmon, and balled rice. But each shop’s can be differ in taste. Thus my conclusion is: they have special recipe for the rice.

As we know, sushi rice is a special-a bit sticky-rice mixed with certain amount of vinegar. So, different shop will have different amount of vinegar mixed in their rice. Second, the way they prepare the fish and of course the quality of the fish itself. If the quality is not that good, or the way of preparation is not that good, the fish will be sooo smelly that the nigiri can’t be eaten >_<

 I’ve been trying different sushi shop in Bandung: Shinmen, Sushi-Tei, Izakaya, and Setiabudhi supermarket.

Shinmen is famous for the ramen and udon, but the shop also sells sushi, and a nice one too! I must say, I really love the taste of the rice in this shop, and the amount of salmon on top of it is also satisfactory (not too thin). The size is okay too, so we can have it in one gulp as it’s supposed to. But the price is a bit more expensive than in other places. I often go to this shop, if I want to eat udon, with sushi as an extra. ^^

Sushi Tei is a branch sushi shop from Jakarta. At first glance, you’ll know that this is an expensive place. But surprisingly, for the basic sushi, you can have it at cheapper price! And that’s okay for me XD The rice taste is not as sour as Shinmen’s, but the ginger pickle here is very sour, it really could add the taste of the rice. The place also has sushi bar so we can choose sushi more freely. The variety of toppings are so many that you can have trouble choosing XD So, up untill now, this has been my favorite place to eat sushi, if I have extra money to afford it of course ^^;


(the sushi I had at one time)


(they have taiyaki ice!! of course it's also sold in Japanese supermarket ^^)

Izakaya is a new small sushi stand, located near my house. The price is the cheapest up untill now. But the rice has so thin taste of vinegar. And they don’t have too many variety of toppings. I don’t recall they have any ginger pickle too. They have salmon nigiri, and it taste not bad at all, but the size is a bit too small ^^; But since it’s the closest and the cheapest, when I just want to have a taste, but too lazy to go far away and thight on budget, I’ll visit this place.


(the small shop)


(the unique sushi ball they offered. Noticed that they use chese instead of fish floss. A quite unique combination)


(this sushi has soft crab as the topping. Unfortunatelly, I didn't taste the crab at all. Perhaps they've fixed this problem now ^^)

Setiabudhi supermarket is a supermarket famous for foreign stuff, including, sushi. The cheff’ll make one fresh for you. The price is of course a supermarket prize. The rice has thin vinegar taste, but the salmon preparation and thickness is satisfactory. A place to buy sushi, if I just want to have small bite, or as a side thing to buy, when I visit the place for buying other needs. ^^

So, that places are my fav spot for sushi. Of course I’ve tried several other places, but I didn’t write them ,cause the taste is not satisfactory at all. >_< And I loved to try other places too. Several of my friend already suggest Torigen and Japanese restaurant in Horison. When the time is right (and the money isn’t thight) I’ll try these places, and give my opinion later ^^